Free labor counseling

  • I could reduce my salary without permission. Hourly wage is lower than minimum wage (1 hour 814 yen).
  • “I do not have to come from tomorrow” was told. “It is said that I will quit because my grades are bad.”
  • It is worked for a long time. You do not pay overtime.
  • I can not take paid leave. It was said that there was no paid vacation.
  • The employment was changed from regular employees to contract employees and part – timers.
  • Shouted at by my boss, being bullied. Has been harassment such as power harassment and sexual harassment.
  • To all students who are suffering from black bytes
  • It is possible to forcibly shift the work. It will not let me quit easily.
  • We can not keep working hours. I am compensated for by cashier, broken equipment, etc.
  • Bought own products. Be bullied.

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※ We accept from time to time, please refrain from early morning and late night.

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