To talk with the company in terms of labor-management peers

Although you can enter even one person at the Fukuhoku Union, achieving a larger goal than changing your workplace is very difficult for one person. Things that can not be done by one person and difficulties in a small number If you can create a labor union as a “workplace meeting” of Union in the workplace, officers of the union can work together to achieve a major goal.

Let’s create a labor union to improve working conditions at work such as wage increase, improvement of long hours work, safe and comfortable workplace, workplace environment without discrimination and bullying. Union will spare no cooperation to realize such hope of all.

Company is obliged to respond to collective bargaining

The labor union law prohibits the following acts by the company in order to guarantee labor union activities.

  • Acts such as making members withdraw from members.
  • An act of slandering or slandering against unions or union members.
  • Act not responding to collective bargaining (discussion of labor and management).
  • An act of repeating dishonest answers and attitudes in response to requests.
  • The act of forcing negotiations with individual members ignoring the union’s request.
  • Acts to encourage non-subscribers not to join.
  • Other acts to treat disadvantage by being a member

Let’s get ready!

Making unions is by no means a difficult thing, but it is necessary to carefully prepare based on a certain setup. If you are thinking about labor union making, please contact Union!

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