Free labor counseling

  • I could reduce my salary without permission. The hourly wage is lower than the minimum wage (814 yen per hour).
  • “I do not have to come from tomorrow” was told. “It is said that I will quit because my grades are bad.”
  • It is worked for a long time.You do not pay overtime.
  • I can not take paid leave. It was said that there was no paid vacation.
  • The employment was changed from regular employees to contract employees and part – timers.
  • Shouted at by my boss, being bullied. Has been harassment such as power harassment and sexual harassment.
  • To all students who are suffering from black bytes
  • It is possible to forcibly shift the work. It will not let me quit easily.
  • We can not keep working hours. I am compensated for by cashier, broken equipment, etc.
  • Bought own products.Be bullied.

For example, experienced staff will carefully consult with such workplace problems such as, etc.

Free labor counseling is here


We accept from time to time, please refrain from early morning and late night.

Please make an appointment in advance.